Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I have a ton of stuff to do, school-wise and personal and what do I do?  Oh I shop at CVS one more time, I check out QVC...

Yeah, QVC.  Have you ever ordered anything from QVC before?  I have twice.  I bought a roller duffel bag a couple of years ago and some Bare Minerals years ago.

Well while I have been searching for quantitative studies for an article critique due on Monday, I jumped on QVC to see what was going on.  Sure enough WEN is today's special value.  I tried Sally Beauty's alternative and I did like it.  You just had to get use to lathering your hair really well, and for a long time, adding water, etc, and getting used to not having a ton of bubbles.  Did my hair look great?  Yes.  But of course it was a greasy mess by the end of the day, most days I used it.  But my hair felt really healthy and the scent was okay.

I see now that they have a lavender scent

It's tempting, realy tempting...  But I just bought more John Frieda at CVS tonight.  I was able to score this week and last week's sale which was a plus but they were out of the Clean and Clear Body Wash.  I was going to ask for a rain check but alas, I have a ton of body wash to go through.  That BOGO coupon and a $2 coupon was burning a hole through my coupon binder.  But I can wait for another sale, on another day...

I also look at the clearance section and I start with Shoes and Handbags.  Here is a beauty for under $200!

And it can be spread out over 3 payments.  It would be a nice graduation gift to myself.  However, how long will I like the pink for?  I guess it wouldn't fit my coupon binder...  lol