Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I've been using this cleanser planet spa by AVON Palm Desert Rose Clay facial cleanser. 

It does have a strong scent, but one that I like so that didn't bother me in the least.  What is bothering me is that when I looked on-line to order more, it has been discontinued!  Double UGH!  This cleanser is the bomb.  Seriously.  I can use my Olay Pro-X with no irritation and my skin looks fanatastic!  I can only use certain cleanser with the Pro-X. Creamy cleansers work the best.  I don't have super sensitive skin but I noticed with the Garnier gel brush cleanser, it really dried out my skin and with the Pro-x, I would have bright red cheeks after use.  That's when I switched to the planet spa Palm Desert Rose Clay facial cleanser.  My skin was instantly hydrated, redness disappeared and my skin is super clear.  Super clear means less make-up.  All I have been using is Vitazing, Physician's Formula translucent powder and my elf studio golden bronzer pallette.  My face looks amazing. 

Another one of my favorite AVON products discontinued.  Sad...  What is a girl to do?!