Friday, April 22, 2011

UD Naked Palette

Hurray!  The Naked Palette is back in stock at  Conveniently after Chic Week has ended.   I had this mysterious virus last night as I was doing some research on NARS Sheer glow in Deauville.  I clicked on what I thought was a review and BAM!  Virus.  It took my close to 4 hours to clean my computer and restore it.  I didn't get to place my order with Sephora either.  That's what I get waiting until the last minute.  Maybe it was a good thing.  But I just got the email that the Naked Palette is back in stock. 

Now I want the Naked Palette and the Sheer Glow.  UGH!

UPDATE 4/23:  To be fair, the rep that I spoke to on the phone just a little while ago said that Sephora themselves got the email Friday morning that they had a limited quantity of Urban Decay palettes in stock.   They had no idea when this was going to happen.