Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sinful Colors Unicorn

Had to stop by Walgreens for the Sinful Colors  99 cents sale!  I had 4 polishes in my basket including Hottie which is a dupe for Last Friday Night which I have so why have both.  I put it back.  Mom you would be so proud!  Then I swing back around front and I see the display for the new Revlon Summer Collection.  Which was completely empty btw except for one bottle of Sunshine sparkle and 2 of the blue lip balms.  Since I didn't have a coupon I hesitated and then put all the polishes back and left.  Strange...

I go home and look up Sunshine Sparkle.  Of course it looks beautiful on The PloshAholic.  But 5 coats?  Ugh.  I end up back at another Walgreens.  Specifically on both trips, I was looking for $2 bottles of Dove Visiblecare Body Wash.  But alas, none were to be had.  I noticed that Sunshine Sparkle was marked $2 cheaper than the other Walgreens!  And all 3 polishes were on the display.  I resisted.

Then I spot the Sinful Colors display and see Unicorn.  So I say, what the hey, I want a yellow, here's a 99 center. 
3 coats later...

OMG  I love it!  I could have used 4 coats.  These were 3 very thin coats.  Runny formula but I think that's par for the course for our yellows.  So guess what?  Yup you guessed it.

I want Sunshine Sparkle even more now to layer over Unicorn.  And I found a $1 Walgreens coupon and a $1 MC.  So there will be another trip to Walgreens in the very near future.  Or I might go ahead and see if my Wegmans has it.  Revlon's are usually priced at $2.99 so $1.99 with my MC. 

We'll see!