Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recent shopping

It's no secret if you have been reading along that I have been frequenting Rite Aid quite frequently lately.  (lol So much so that I have ignored Walgreens altogether.  What is going on with them lately?  Totally off my radar.  Anywho...  My sister was in town this weekend and we went shopping!  Yay! 

We got to compare coupon binders and exchange coupons and even set my mom up with a coupon binder of her very own!  I'm sad now that they left.  I wish we all lived closer.  Bummer.

So I went a little crazy with the PF as did everyone in the U.S. the past couple of weeks.  Unfortunately the $5 MC did not work out so well for me, thankfully all my products still had $4 peelies on them.  Yay!  Safe to say I am well stocked and super pleased at the quality of the products and how they all work very well with my skin.  Awesome job PF!

So Rite Aid and CVS with my sis last night.  I grabbed some Lysol wipes for 50 cents a piece.  The $1.50 MC combined with Rite Aid VV coupons worked out well.  More PF of course because of the $4 peelies and the $2 Go Green Bonus.  Oh and I was 16 cents away from the $5 +up reward.  I decided to let it go and not do any crazy returns.  I'm happy with the products that I bought.  I also grabbed some Kotex. 

Weird that both my Rite Aids have different prices.  The one last night has Kotex liners priced at $1.69.  Another RA that we stopped by earlier today had them at $1.49.  They are BOGO 50% off.  So either 24 cents or 54 cents for 2 after 2 $1/1 MCs.  Consequently, last night I had a RA VV coupon and 2 $1/1 MCs for the packs marked $1.69.  So basically I had 46 cents in overage to apply to my other items.  I had RA VV coupons for my hubby's Reese's eggs and my fave Cadbury eggs.  I had a $3 Nivea Body wash MC.  I actually dumster dived in my recycling bin just to make sure I really didn't get it and sure enough, there it was.  I didn't find the Men's Nivea MC though. 

So after all the coupons, I paid roughly $2 before tax.  Not bad.  At CVS I grabbed 2 travel sized Visines at the register.  I had 2 $2/1 MCs.  And my sister pointed out the $1.50 CVS wipes coupon that printed out at the Red Magic Coupon Machine.  The wipes are $1.49 so those were free.  I paid 12 cents.  The trip would have been sweetter if the Reach floss rang up at the correct price at $1.  We had 2 $1/1 MCs.  No worries though, I'm stocked on floss.

Funny story about CVS...  A women behind us asked me if I was "one of those extreme couponers" because she saw my binder.  I laughed and said no of course but my sister and I gave her a couple of pointers.

And here is Rite Aid today...

24 cents for both the Kotex liners, $1.99 for the got2b heat protect ($2/1 MC and $2 RA VV), $1 for both Lysol wipes (2 $1.50/1 and $1/1 Lysol wipes RA coupon).  I also got back $2 +up rewards for the got2be heat protect.   Sweet.