Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CVS this week

Pretty good sales.  I grabbed some sunscreen, essentially for my irish babies' skin, and what else?  More Physicians Formula of course!  Like I don't have the entire line by now.  Well not even close but I have a ton.  One of these days I need to do an updated make up collection.  I'll probably do that when I'm packing for NC.  It's going to be intense packing up all my goodies.  Lots and lots of bubble wrap.

$8 and change times 2, minus 2 $2/1 plus $10 ECB back equals under $4 for 2 sunscreen sticks.  (Can you tell I lost my receipt?  I took the $10 ECB off before the misplacing.) 

PF is $6 off this week on certain items, I believe powders, blushes and foundation?  I found $4/1 MCs.  The $5 PF coupon doesn't work in my town...  But $4 is just as good!  So $3 each for the palettes.  Which I really like.

Second trip...

Scan my card and a ton of coupons print out.  I've gotten the $1.50 off CVS make-up remover wipes before with my sister who informed me that they are $1.50 so I head back to the travel section and grab 2 because they are BOGO 1/2 off.  Check.  Oh they have travel Curel lotion for 99 cents.  I have 2 $2/1MC, no size restriction.  Check.  The other day I got a $3/$10 Healthcare purchase.  I grab some Fiber Choice because, hey did you know that we are seriously lacking fiber in our diets?  Why not.  I also have a $3/1 MC.  Check.  Lysol Freshmatic on sale for $5.99 and I have a $4/1 MC.  Check.  Oh, BOGO MC for Gilette deodorant for the hubs. 

However at the register, I learn that I grabbed the wrong type.  Nutz, line forming behind me.  Well I decide to pass on the Gilette.  I will be heading back to another CVS for another Lysol Freshmatic. 

Grand total:  $0.00.  Awesome.

I have the Lysol Freshmatic up and running in the living room.  I love it.  It's not a heavy, "Oh, is that an air freshener I smell in here?" scent, just fresh and clean, hence the name, Clean Scent.  lol
So out of pocket for everything was under $18.  Neutragena sticks are pushing $9 a piece and the Fiber Choice is over $12 a bottle.

Speaking of Neutragena, all of the other Neutragena sunscreens, sprays, bottles, face sticks, are all over $15.  Totally insane.  Probably a  couple dollars cheaper at Walmart but still, that's pretty darn expensive.  Neutragena is the only sunscreen that I have found that I can wear on my face.  Good thing I have 2 more coupons for another sale, another week!