Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday's shopping

I already mentioned earlier about Rite Aid and Sunshine Sparkle.  Not pictured is another Tylenol Precise because they are already in use by the hubby!

But I failed to mention that Easter candy is 75% off and there were a ton of Cadbury Eggs and Reese's PB eggs.  Yum!  So 22 cents a piece.  I dropped by Target and grabbed some Nivea bodywash.  I still had a $3/1 MC and they were on sale for $2.47 or something like that.  I also grabbed some Clean & Clear Body wash since it was on sale for $3.99 and I had a BOGO MC. 

The shelves were cleared at my 2 local Walgreens so I figure this was the next best.  I never get to shopping on Sunday mornings.  I like my sleep!  But I received a sample in the mail on Saturday and it smells really nice.  Oh I also grabbed some Nivea Sun-kissed Radiant Skin because Target had a $3/1 coupon and I stacked it with a $1/1 MC.  So $3.99.  Not bad.  This same bottle goes for $9.99 in the drugstores.  It smells nice too.  Jergens and AVON both have sunless tanning products but they have that "smell."   Yuck. 

Then off to Walmart.  I finally found Maybelline NY Great Lash in clear for my eyebrows!  I've been looking all over for this stuff.  Finally!  I had a $1/1 MC and it was $4.  I also grabbed some Renpure Amazing Miracle deep penetrating reconstructor because it had the try me free label.  I had read people were having trouble getting their rebates when they bought it in the drugstores because they were getting it for free and then submitting for the rebate.  Renpure wasn't honoring those rebates.  So hopefully since I bought it at Walmart with no coupons, they will honor my rebate.  We will see.  I need a deep conditioner.  I've been meaning to pick up Pantene Beautiful lengths but I'm waiting for a sale.  I have a $3/2 coupon that is burning a hole in my coupon binder.

Oh and last but not least, Hard Candy nail polish in Sky.  I saw this color on Chloe's Nails and it looks gorgeous.  Well she makes every nail polish look amazing!