Saturday, May 7, 2011


I put this on last night and just couldn't wait to take a picture of it in the sunlight!  Good thing I took the pictures when I did because right now the dark clouds have rolled in and it's pouring!  It's raining so hard that they mailman won't get out of his truck to deliver our mail.  I'm so observant!  Actually I forgot to take in my kitchen rugs that threw on the front porch.  I went to get them before they were soaked and I saw the mailman sitting there with his arms crossed.  lol  Poor guy.  But I'm pretty sure he has my Meow samples that I ordered earlier this week!  Hurry up buddy!

Umm, focus lady...  This is China Glaze Luna.  I saw swatches of this on Chloe's Nails a couple months back and I looked on ebay 2 weeks ago for it.

My pictures/nails don't even compare to hers but this is what I got!

It looks so much fun with my short and chic nails.  I like this length.  This is two coats.  Luna is a silver foil with holographic glitter.  Love it!

Alright, back to my paper.  Final paper for the foreseeable future!  Yay!