Monday, May 9, 2011

Dove visiblecare

So Dove visiblecare softening creme body wash is a nice product.  I grew up using Dove soap and it has that iconic Dove soap smell which is both familiar and lovely at the same time.  Leaves the feeling skin very soft.  I also use lotion after my showers but  when I failed to use it for an entire week it was incredibly noticeable that I stopped using it.  I was trying to get my shower time down because of end of the semester school work, etc. 

Then I get down towards the end of the bottle.  I can't get the product out of its container!  It is a very thick body wash so when it gets towards the end, you can't squeeze it out.  I resorted to popping the cap off and adding water.  I still can't get everything out.  So annoying!

I think I got this for free after coupons so I really cannot complain, but Dove people, if you are listening/reading, please change the packages so your consumers can use your product for efficiently.  Waste not want not!  By the way, I tried cutting the bottle with scissors with no luck.  A knife is pushing it and dangerous.  Kitchen shears might work but I don't have any! 

On a brighter note...  My Meow Cosmetics samples came in the mail today.  Can't wait to try everything out!  Yay!