Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun with Pacific Blue

I know today is Pink Wednesday but technically I painted my nails Pacific Blue yesterday. 

This formula is amazing.  One coat!  Yes, one coat!

Took 10 minutes.  Fastest mani ever!  I almost grabbed 2 more today at CVS but I held off.  Good stuff though!

So fast forward to today.  I want to play with my new Wet n Wild.

 Blue Wants to be a Millionaire dries almost matte so it's nice to have a top coat on it.  Looks good.  Then when you bring it into the sunlight...
Hello Holo!  Totally unexpected.  I knew it was glittery from looking at the bottle in the store but who knew it was a holo.  Love it.

And who doesn't own Party of Five Glitters except for me a couple of hours ago.  Fun polish.  I don't really feel the need for a top coat on this one.  It dries relatively smooth.  I like it with the blue too!