Friday, May 6, 2011


I am happy to report that Revlon Photoready in Shell is working out amazingly well.  I found it to be a difficult foundation to work with at first.  I tried it out the second I brought it home and I just had that awful feeling of, "Not again." 

It needs a little extra time with application, like instead of 30 seconds, a full minute.  lol  And it definitely needs to be applied with the fingers.  Well for me it worked that way.  I currently do not have a beauty blender to test it out with.  I prefer damp fingers to help work it in, not wet, just clean the hands and pat on the towel. 

At first I used my usual technique of dotting my face and stipling with brush.  No good.  I used too much and it settled in my pores and it's slightly too yellow on heavy application.  The brush did nothing to help with blending.  I even used a spritz of Rare Minerals Moisture Burst Facial Mist and it just wasn't enough.  Fingers work much nicer. 

The color is slightly yellow but I found that the yellow works to tone down my redness a bit.  I'm still debating about getting the next shade up Nude to mix for the summer months when I'm a bit darker.  Surprisingly I haven't been shopping all week! 

It does have a slight sparkle but sometimes it is noticeable, other times not.  They are tiny, tiny.  Not sure if they changed the formula or not.  I know many have complained that it is way to glittery.  But it blends in with all the other shimmers I put on my face either from fall out from my eyeshadow or my PF bronzer! 

Love it!  Well this week I do anyway.  lol