Monday, May 2, 2011

Today's shopping

I know, pretty boring. 

I had a $5 MC for the ProGlide and I just couldn't help myself with the PhotoReady.  $5 +up rewards and $2 SCR and on sale for $9.99?  I would be a fool to pass it up.  I panicked and bought Shell at the last second because I thought Nude was going to be too dark.  I think I'm going to go to another Rite Aid and get the Nude and mix the two.  A long while back I purchased Shell, loved it at first then I thought it was too light.  Silly me tried it on at night, with no blush, bronzer, just slapped it on, asked my husband who is color blind how it looked and then returned it the next day.  I never even saw what I looked like in natural light.  Mixing foundations is going to be something I will need to do I guess.  I need a customizable color.

I also want to go to another RA to grab a couple Crazy shine buffers since the RA I went to today were out or actually, I don't think they have ever had them.  They are amazing!  They make your nails super shiny and they will still shine even after you take off your polish.  Seriously, I was amazed.  I reviewed them before I believe.  If not trust me, they look like you have a shiny basecoat on.  I would take a picture right now but I'm still stained from Unicorn.  Not attractive.

Okay back on track here.  For the above 2 items pictured, I paid $7.93 (including tax) and got back $10 in +up rewards ($5 +up rewards for each).  Oh, forgot to mention that I returned the Physician's Formula primer that I bought.  It was a serious grease bomb on the face and the applicator was just all wrong.  You couldn't wash it either because the product is a complete oil slick.  Entirely unsuitable for my summer greasy face.  If you have dry skin, this would add some much needed moisture but for us combination ladies, stay away!

So that being said, I would have paid $13 OOP so I essentially paid $3 for the razor and foundation.  Photoready retails around $13.99 at the drustores.  Oh and I will be submitting for a $2 SCR.  So $1 for both!  Yay!