Monday, May 16, 2011

Done with school and celebrating with a Crackle!

So what does a girl do?  Gone shopping of course!  I've gone mad!  I was wandering around town, popping into stores.  I just can't help it when products are on clearance and I have coupons.  Case in point.  I was at Target over the weekend and saw Revlon Top Speed on Clearance.  *sigh* I passed on Royal and Emerald.  Why you ask?  I have no idea but when I saw them on polish insomniac, about 5 minutes after I got home and she reminded me that I have coupons for Revlon!  Of course I just couldn't wait to get back today and picked them up.  The trip just wasn't for polish, I had other things on my list!  But alas, my Target didn't have the Tracy Reese colors.

So from there I head to the mall to try my luck of finding the OPI silver shatter.  Roll up to JC Penney and the entire Pirates of the Carribean collection is there, untouched.  I'm in shock, but no silver shatter.  I pass on all the beautiful colors.  The manager says that she sold out of 16 bottles in one day.  She tells me to try Trade Secret.  Go up there, another Pirates of the Carribean collection display untouched.  Weird. Then I am informed that the silver shatter will not be released until May 20th!  But they won't get it in stock for at least 2 weeks.  She tells me to keep calling and they will set one aside for me.  Hmm...  promising.

Then I head to CVS, second trip of the week, I grab a few things, pay $0.00.  Awesome.  Now it's time for Walgreens.  Big trip planned.  Store was of course sold out of all the things I wanted but I spin around the store one more time.  Top Speed are of course on clearance and what, Revlon is BOGO 50% off?  Okay, let me grab two.  Then I spot them...

Sally Hansen crackles!!!  Yay!  I snatched up the silver and purple.  Paid full price and didn't bat an eye!  So excited.  So here is my first crackle manicure.  I was so excited that my polish Top Speed Royal wasn't completely dry so I have rookie cracks but I don't care!  They are lovely.  I can't decide on whether or not I want a top coat!  Decisions, decisions...


And I might just as well go back and get the black and gold.