Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Walgreens was pretty intense this week.

I went in for the tape (Buy One, Get 2), The OFF! Clip Ons, ProClinical toothpaste and lunchables for the kids.  But we had some shelf clearers, just kidding, I waited until Monday night, what do I expect?  lol  I still did pretty good.  Not in savings, because those Sally Hansens are a pretty penney 699 a piece to be exact.  But like I said before, I didn't hesitate! 

The OFF! is for camping Memorial Day weekend which the family is so excited for!  We aren't going to actually wear them, just clip them around the tent. 

The tent is gi-normous!  Our queen size airmattress bed will fit in one wing.  It's one of those super tall ones.  The kids each have their own airmattresses to go in the other wing.  I was joking with my husband that I could set up a little vanity to do my makeup in the mornings.  lol

Back to the shopping trip...

So the OFF! were on sale for $8.99.  I had a BOGO MC and a $2/1 MC, also in the Walgreens May coupon book there is a $1 coupon.  So that breaks down to $4.99 for the both of them.  I'm going back today to grab two more and I might get some more tape.  The tape is $1.99 but Buy 1, Get 2.  I had 2 $1/1 MCs.  So that translates out to $1.98 for 6 rolls of tape. 

The candles were marked at $2.30 but they were $1.99 a piece and I had a $1/2 MC.  They are itty bitty candles, barely give off a scent when they are lit.  I won't be re-purchasing.  I also found some Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream which I thought I read a review on Nouveau Cheap a long time ago but I can't find her post on it.  But I thought I would try it for $1.99. 

Oh and then of course the Revlon Top Speed.  I needed a pink for Wednesday and they were BOGO 1/2 off. 

I went from zero Top Speeds to 4 in one day!