Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keativ Blogger Award!

What?!  I'm so honored!  Thank you Ngelic from cosmetologyy!  It's my first!  Yay!  Thank you!

So now on to share 10 facts about me...  This should be interesting.

1.  I have 3 beautiful children ages 6, 3, and 8 months and husband of 7 years. He's like a 4th child some days.  I'm kidding, he's my rock and supportive of everything I do.  Including my latest obsession with nail polish. 

2.  I just finished my second Bachelor's degree.  This time in Nursing.  My first is in Biology.  Yes I was pregnant during the first half of school and it was during a very hot summer.  The fall semester with a newborn was insane.  I never slept.  I still don't actually.

3.  We move every 3 years.  My husband is an active duty Marine.  Every move gets a little more difficult.  More stuff, more kids...  lol  We are selling a house for the first time this move and it is adding a little extra stress.  I will miss this house.

4.  I used to hate painting my nails.  When I was in college, the first time, Chanel Vamp was the "in" color.  I tried for a week to paint my nails with Vamp.  It would bother me that it stained my cuticles and looked awful.  I don't think I ever wore it as a mani.

5.  I don't like to get manicures.  Only once was there a time when a manicurist did a superb job.

6.  I love coffee.  It is quite the dependence.  I wake up thinking about coffee.  I never actually finish a cup.  Ever.  Maybe an iced coffee.  Oh and I can only drink hot or over ice.  I can't reheat my coffee in the micro because it changes the taste. 

7.  Well I guess I have a 4th child as well. A 4 year old black lab/pit bull/boxer/beagle, I'm not really sure what mix. She is super needy and drives me crazy most of the time.

8.  I love to garden.   My parents owned a florist for a few years and my sister and I would be there on the weekends making dish gardens and flower arrangements.  It was so much fun!
9.  I'm a quilter. Well was before I started school.  When we bought this house I envisioned a "studio" of sorts in the upstairs bedroom.  A room off of that huge room was going to be made into my dressing room, but we never got around to that either!  Three years sure flew by!

10.  I have been blogging for 7 years now.  My first blog "Mummy Brain."  I haven't read it in a long time but I remember writing a lot about my baby daughter at the time and the Red Sox.  When I started this blog, I had no idea how many "beauty blogs" there were out there.  Total shock!

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