Thursday, December 1, 2011

99 cent hotrollers???

Why not?!!!

I really don't know why I do this to myself.  This is my second set of hotrollers.  A few years ago I bought a set, they burned my fingers, made my hair frizzy, absolutely hated them.  So what do I do?  I go ahead and "buy" another set. 

Let me back up, when I went to try them again, Nika, a puppy at the time, had decided to gnaw on a couple, rendering them unusable.  Since I only had a few to work with, I couldn't do my entire head and frustrated, I gave them away.

So here we are again!  I couldn't pass up this deal.  It has been blowing up the internets for a couple days now.  But if you have a Rite Aid nearby, run out there now!  I grabbed the last one at my store.

So here is the breakdown:

On the shelf, Conair Xtreme instant heat were priced at $39.99.  Prices range from $31.99 to $42.99 depending on your store.

The purchase price on my receipt was $35.99.  I'm not sure if this was from my Wellness card or if they were on sale. 

I found a $5 MC on  I used a couple zipcodes to find it, but I believe it was 90210 where I ultimately found it.

With a Conair purchase at Rite Aid this week, you will get back $10 +up rewards.

I was lucky enough to have $15 in +up rewards from last week's purchase of Culturelle.

And I will be submitting for a $5 rebate here!

So $35.99-$5 MC-$10 +up rewards- $5 rebate-$15 +up rewards = 99 cents. 

Now even if you do not have any +up rewards, this is still a great deal on hotrollers for yourself or someone on your shopping list!

In fact, I'm giving them to my husband to wrap for me to put under the tree.  lol