Friday, December 16, 2011

L'OREAL Infallible Eyeshadows!!!

Last weekend when we were driving up to Massachusetts I was catching up on twitter and blogs and youtube and everyone was talking about Bed Bath & Beyond and Revlon Whimsical and the new L'OREAL eyeshadows...  Well I assumed I would never see the new L'OREAL display because my BB&B doesn't have cosmetics.  Well when I got back into town and was checking out the local CVS clearance, I spotted the new display.

They looked nice enough, the purple, Perpetual Purple stopped me though as it resembles Too Faced Exotic Eye color in Poison Orchid which I have been lemming for.   I didn't see that they were on sale or generating ECBs.

Then I received a 25% off non-sale items coupon from CVS and headed out straight away this morning.  Of course I had it all calculated out, but the coupon didn't go through and all of a sudden I got $3 in ECB's.  Apparently L'OREAL is spend $10, get $3 ECBs.  Not sure how I missed that one...  But I'm glad I did because I wouldn't have these lovelies with me right now.

I grabbed 3 with the 3 $1/1 coupons that I had (from my sis.  Thanks!) 

They have a top to protect them and keep them from drying out.  They are a buttery consistency, like I guess Urban Decay, not a cream, just buttery and soft and just well lovely.

Continuous Cocoa is a gorgeous deep, cool chocolatey brown.  Love this brown!

Perpetual Purple I swear is a dupe for Too faced Exotic Eye Color in Poison Orchid or just let me believe it is so I will stop wanting to buy it.

Golden Sage is another beautiful color.  Green with golden/bronze shimmer.

The texture is velvetty smooth like that UD buttery consistency which I just love.  They are not creamy but I am assuming they are packaged with the lid because they can dry out.  I am just in love with these.  I haven't tried them out on my lids or worked with them to see how blendable they are but on my arm they do smudge slightly after allowed to set but I rubbed extremely vigorously trying to clean off my arm.  lol 

So after they set for minute or two, it will be difficult to blend.

It's hard for me to gauge on how well eyeshadows last anyway because I have the oiliest lids on the planet and all shadows crease on me at some point during the day.  I've tried every primer, if you put it on my lid it will crease so I will definitely be putting these to the test!

with flash

natural light

I need to go back and get some more!  The retail that I paid was I believe $7.57 but I had $1/1 MCs and $5 in ECB's and this week you will get back $3 in ECB for a $10 L'OREAL purchase. 

Next time I go to CVS I will have another $5 ECB in Beauty club rewards so I will definitely pick up 2 more.  I had my hands on the Bronzed Taupe but was afraid it was going to be too orange for my skintone. L'OREAL will be BOGO 1/2 off next week December 18-24th.