Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Manis!

I totally forgot to post these.  We celebrated Christmas for two days since my husband had to work a 24 hours shift. :(  But it all worked out because the kids opened presents 2 days in a row! 

My cuticles are are a little dry but here are some shots with the new camera as well.  I had ZOYA Kissy on for Christmas Day #1.  It is a little more pink in real life.

 This is ZOYA Rina which I wore the day after Christmas, our Christmas #2.

I picked up Rina and Kissy during ZOYA's Flash Promos.  I wasn't quick enough to get any for free but I did get these for $16.  I finally have my namesake Erin on the far left, Rina, Kissy and Kristen on the far right.

The above picture was taken with the old camera.  It just won't focus anymore.  So disappointing.  It will be sent off to be fixed this weekend and maybe we can salvage it for a couple more years.  :)

I only got one other promo and that was for my Secret Santa.  Her promo was 2 polishes from the Winter 2011 Feel Collection and a free bottle of ZOYA Remove +!  She was very happy!

Do you score any ZOYA Flash Promos???