Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secret Santa

So I've been dying to receive my Secret Santa goodies!  I didn't have time to check the mail box yesterday so I swung on by this afternoon on my way off base.  And there it was from Ireland, the Motherland!  Yay!

But when I held it, I felt impending doom.  The boxes contained in the padded envelope were just jostling around in a very unsecured fashion.  Bummer!

There was another Maybelline blush/bronzer that was smashed to bits that unfortunately didn't make the trip overseas.

And some MAC pigments that are definitely fakes but pretty...   

From left to right, Golden Olive, Yellow Gold, Copper Sparkle and Frozen White.


Thank you so much!  There was no card/identifying info/return address so I don't know who you are...  But my gift arrived in the States in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!