Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bluum Box

So I love sample boxes.  There is no denying it...  Sample sizes are just more my speed.  I like to try new products and I don't like to waste.  It's a win win for me!

A couple of months ago I bought an Eversave voucher for 3 months of Bluum for something around $13.  It was a little tricky using the Eversave voucher but a kind representative from Bluum helped me out a created an account for me.  A+++ customer service!

With the Bluum box, you get high end samples for baby and for mommy!  I guess I need to admit to myself that my youngest is no longer a baby, but I have been happy with my first 2 boxes, November and December which I will show you now!

They come in the same size box as Birchbox...

Then colorful blue tissue paper...

November's Bluumbox

 So there was a cute little building block that my son like to throw around and point to the cow, some baby butter sample, eye lubricating drops, which I always need (hello tired dry eyes!) and stretch mark cream.  My favorite was the Sleep Tight Pillow Spritz which smelled of calming lavender which I cannot find anywhere!  So bummed I didn't get to try it out on my pillow!

The December Box had some nice goodies too.  A bib which I can always use at meal time.  Peach mish mash which was sucked down and 2 minutes by the little one who just loves squeezable fruits and veggies.  Also included was some pure and paraben free dish soap, well free of just about everything harmful which we all should be using to protect our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans!

There were also these pop up towlettes that you moisten and they spring to life and ready to wipe up messes!  They are great to throw in the diaper bag.  But you will need a water supply...  The tooth wipes I will be gifting to a soon to be new mother as my little one has a full mouth of teeth already!

I have one more box being shipped out on the 17th of January.  I probably won't continue as I am sampling boxes like a maniac but I really like this one!  It would be great for a new mom with a small baby or newborn.  Lot of new things to try out during that exciting time! 

Great baby shower gift!