Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vitamin time!

I go back and forth with vitamins/supplements.  I will read a study and go out and buy a bunch, then I will read another and stay away from them.  Does the body need them?  Yes and No.  Does the body actually absorb them? Yes and No.

Truth be told, most of our fruits and veggies are depleted of the vitamins by the time we eat them.  Why?  Depleted nutrients in the soil and the time it took from being picked to being served.  I'm certainly not an expert but I do know that you need to eat a ton of fruits and veggies to get all the vitamins that you need.  Supplements are just that, not a replacement but to supplement healthful eating.

But when there is a good deal on vitamins, you know that I am first in line!  Case in point, Rite Aid had a sale on Centrum ProNutrients last week.  Buy 3, get $10 in +up rewards.  They are not cheap, for me anyway...  But in last Sunday's paper, in my mom's Sunday paper in Massachusetts, I cut out a $7 MC.  I also had a few $5 MC's and away I went to Rite Aid.

Actually we all went because we were leaving to start our journey back down to NC after a lovely weekend in MA.

I split this into 2 transactions and bought one of each, probiotics, fruits & veggies and Omega-3s.  I paid $15 for the first transaction after 1 $7 MC and 2 $5 MC's and $10 +up rewards.  Got back $10 in +up rewards and used it towards my second transaction.  I also used 3 $5 MCs.  Got back $20 +up rewards.  $10 for the buy 3 deal and another bonus $10 for $50 spent.  NICE!

Also I will be submitting for 2 $2 rebates.  So what do we call this?  An amazing deal of FREE vitamins and a $2 money maker.  Thank you!