Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quick Eye of the Day and hair color woes...

I didn't take a picture of the products/swatches today but they are all things I have used before.  This is my go to purple eye look.  I used a Physician's Formula gel liner trio, the purple shade, for a cream base and then used a purple matte Revlon shade in my crease and to smudge out a little black liner by mark.  I also used a some WnW kitten all over the lid on top of the gel liner that I used as a cream shadow base. 

My cumbly WnW Brulee went in my inner corner as well as under my brow for a highlight.  Brulee promptly went into the bin.  I wish I saved it as soon as it cracked.  Why I waited until it was unsaveable is beyond me!

Oh I also used the WnW Kitten under my eye as well and the matte Revlon purple to smudge out my top lid that I lined in the same black mark liner.  I just took my eye makeup off, a mere 11 hours after application.  It didn't budge. 

I did use the last of a small tube of UD primer potion, but it wasn't the primer potion that held up my shadow, it was the PF as a cream base.  It doesn't crease on me.  It's the only eyeshadow/cream base that I have tried that does not crease.  It's no joke.  I need to swatch them out.

So from the pics, I'm noticing that my hair is super light now!  I had to "fix" what happened at the salon.  My hair gets really brassy.  I mean really brassy.  The best hair color I have ever had done were when my hair was actually double processed, bleached white basically and then the color that I wanted was then dyed on top of that.  It's the only way not to get the red/orange/brass.  I have also had color done and then tonor applied.  That helps tremendously.

Well I get my hair colored and while she is blow drying my hair and she is having a tough time getting the brush through my hair.  I"m thinking it's the brush.  Nope.  Whenever I felt my hair after she was done, I about died.   It was straw.  My hair color looked pretty good.  A little brassy but I knew my trusty purple John Frieda shampoo could take care of it.  24 hours later, my hair is orange.  I didn't panic.  No.  I knew to go to Sally Beauty and get some tonor.

I do this all the time.  Go somewhere, get talked out of something or given something completely different.  I figure, they are the pros, listen to them.  Well sure enough, I leave Sally Beauty with more hair dye.  How did that happen?  I thought for sure she handed me tonor.  We talked about it!  So I re-dyed my hair, still a little orange, but it did come out a little more brighter and much softer.  So from now on, I will dye my own hair.  I'm serious this time.  :) 

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray is my go to root saver.  I hadn't died my hair since April.  I won't wait that long again, I will probably just do 3-4 months.  I used Color Brillance Creme Permanent Hair Color in 10V-10.2 Lightest Cool Blonde and 20 developer.  I went back today and got some Shimmer Lights Blonde and Silver purple shampoo as I don't have any John Frieda left nor coupons :(  This shampoo is a much darker purple and I'm hoping that it will take out the rest of the brass quickly!  Kind of smells like V05.

I also picked up some Organix Argan oil at CVS and smooth it through my wet hair from the shower. It makes my hair feel amazing and really helped to reverse the damage of dying my hair twice in 72 hours. It feels pretty thick in your hands when you are warming it up but it doesn't weigh down my hair at all. Great stuff.

I will let you know how my new shampoo works out!  I have to remember to take pictures.

Hope you had a great weekend!