Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cottonballs anyone?

Well there were none to be had at my CVS.  Totally cleaned out.  But they did have an alternative and I made out pretty well.

Cottonballs and cotton ovals are Buy 2, get 1 free this week.  So I needed to grab 6 to get my total over $20 so that I could use the $4 off CVS brand coupon that was emailed to me earlier this week.  I also had a 25% off coupon on my card.

Then I walk by the new PF display and see the new mascara with a $2 peelie on it.  I couldn't help myself.  I assumed the mascara was over $10 so that I would receive $5 in ECBs.  Shockingly, it wasn't.  $9.79  So I was 21 cents away from the reward.

So...  $4/$20 CVS brand coupon, 25% off non-clearance/sale items, $5 ECB.  Paid $13.48 for the above.  Not bad, not my usual amazing deal but the mascara itself is 21 cents shy of $10 so $3 and change for enough cotton rounds to last me a few months is fine with me!

Heading back to CVS tomorrow... I had misplaced some CVS coupons and I found them!  Yay!  One of them is a BOGO free WnW coupon up to $3.  I had my eye on the Knock on Wood trio...  And I got another 25% off non-clearance/sale items.  Both of my CVS' have the new L'OREAL display and I want to get my hands on the new cream shadows.  I have a few coupons to sweeten the deal and of course another $5 ECB I need to print out.