Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Secret Santa Exchange... Part Deux!

Yeah, I took part in 3 Secret Santa Exchanges.  I just love shopping for nail polish and make up, what can I say!  Oh and I like getting those kinds of gifts too!

Look what Amanda from Mad Manis sent to me for our Santa Exchange!  Thanks again Amanda!  I had been eyeing this set for so long at Sally's...

Please excuse the broken index finger.  I just quickly swatched these before leaving the house for a community holiday party.  One coat each.  And yeah, I forgot to take the polish off.  lol 

I think that this green will be perfect for my sister's wedding.  I know green isn't a traditional bridesmaid nail color or wedding nail color in general, but we all had to pick a certain color for our shoe and mine was Kelly Green.  I think a soft pink just wouldn't do.  I will run it by the bride of course ;)  What say you sis?