Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Instead of tweeting like a madwoman, which I will probably end up doing anyway, there is just so many sweet deals going on my head is spinning.  So many deals that I wish I started Christmas shopping tonight, sweet deals.

#1 PUMA  DEC12PUMA40  40% off and free next day shipping.  That's 40% off and free $25 shipping.  Amazing.  I've been looking at the Soleils fo-evah and finally the deal is good enough for me to just do it.  Wait, that's Nike, I did mention I bought PUMA's right?  I got the grey suede for $37.50.  And what, they will be here in like 2 days.  I've been walking around in my running shoes.  It's about time I got some other kicks to kick around in.

#2 Paula's Choice  RELIEF1216 40% off her Skin Relief Treatment which I have heard great things about.  The entire line is good.  I've only tried samples but I really liked it.  I just don't like paying for things.  Free is more my speed.

#3 Elizabeth Arden  I was reading over on, Collin posted a deal with perfume, a $355 color collection for $27.50 and with a $40 order you can get an 8 piece (8WONDERS) set for free and free shipping.  What's bugging me is that I can't use a 20% off code GIFT20 and 8WONDERS together.  I really like, which I don't think I reviewed yet, the Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules Intensive Treatment for Face and Throat.  They are amazing.  After one use, my skin felt remarkably different, in a good way, well great way.  Problem is they are $68 for 60 capsules.  Yeah.  But I want 20% off, free shipping and the 8WONDERS set that comes with more Ceramide Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules.  Ebates is also giving back 10%.  So that would be $6.80 back.  Good deal if you have the cash!

#4 Julep DAY4 40% off their holiday nail polish sets.  Just tell 'em I sent you!  lol

#5 Rite Aid 25% off entire on-line store 2DAYSALE

#6 Ann Taylor Loft 40% off SHOP40 and 50% off clearance!

#7 B&BW $10 off $30 purchase JINGLE50 Lord knows I won't step foot in that store again until clearance time.  The sales associates won't leave you alone!  But their stuff smells so nice!

#8 Origins Free shipping!  TOTE11 Plus a free tote if you spend $55.  Not bad.  Free shipping is what I like though!

#9 Barnes & Noble use this code to find out what your discount is!  Up to 50%  MS779ZPW4VVE8 

And I hope everyone is getting in on the deals at CVS, namely Physician's Formula...  I use PF usually everyday and today I was super busy, well rushing to get packages shipped out as well as Christmas cards and I just happened to glance in the mirror and my face looked fab.  Get thee some PF!