Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ZOYA Kieko

This color has got to be my favorite ZOYA polish.  My sister pulled this one out of my collection while she was here over Christmas and it is just a lovely purple cream.

Oh and here are some shots with the new camera!  What do you think?

We have been looking and looking and finally he got one and surprised me!  It's the FinePix T190 FijuFilm.   I thought I was going to love the ease of taking photos but after looking at the initial shots I took on Christmas, I'm not loving it so much right now.   The photo quality is just something I will have to get used to with the point and shoot.  I know this.  But there is something, something very digital about the photos?

There are so many settings and features to learn.  The technology is crazy!  My last point and shoot was the Easy Share 5.0 back in 2004.  It was expensive too, I think $300.  Top of the line back then.  I bought it literally the night before my trip to Portugal.  I think my photos came out very nice.

One of the really cool features of the FujiFilm is the panoramic shot!  But the video quality is really not good but I didn't know what to expect with a point and shoot camera anyway...

My husband isn't keen on returning it.  It's the old, "user error" argument.  lol  So we will see!  I expect a new one in my future by the weekend.  :)