Monday, December 19, 2011

L'OREAL Infallible Test

So my oily lids are the ultimate test for any eyeshadow.  When a company develops and markets a product designed to last "24 hours," it really doesn't apply to me.  I don't and can't fail products because of it.  I can just praise the ones that hold up.  Even with a primer, eyeshadows do not last on my eyes at all except for Urban Decay and Wet n Wild.  Oh and I have one Stila shade in Cloud that lasts forever.

Today was my first test run with the the L'OREAL infallible eyeshadow product.  Like I said the other day when I swatched them, the shadows are a nice buttery consistency which I love!  They are supposed dupes of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill.  Now I do not have GA to compare them to, but they are nicely pigmented and gorgeous colors and in that drugstore price range that are quite affordable.

I did my makeup around 1pm and it is now after midnight.  Today was cool, around 60 degrees, 0 humidity.

I used a light sweep of Continuous cocoa on my lid and then started off with Golden sage in the crease but ended up all over my lid as well because it was really pretty over the brown! I applied with my finger as I was in a hurry, as usual  :)  I took the Golden Sage down in my lower lid to smudge out a black PF liner.

I actually forgot to put on a primer.  I did sweep some left over undereye concealer on my lid.   But this is a true test to how "infallible" these shadows really are and  to see how long they would last.

After about 7 hours I saw a subtle crease starting to form.  That is really good on my lids.  Any other shadow, 2 hours tops without a good primer.   Except UD and WnW as I mentioned previously.

The picture below was taken ten minutes ago, at quarter after 12.  The fallout below my eye is definitely from my mascara.  It was a bit dried out when I put it on earlier.  Just trying to use it one more time before I pitch it.

If you didn't read my last post this is the Continuous Cocoa.

This is the Golden Sage.

So I think that this was a good test run of the product.  It lasted 7 hours without a primer which is amazing on my lids.  If you have drier lids, this will last you 12+ for sure.

Tomorrow, well later on this morning, I will remember a primer and see how long they last with a little help.  I am definitely picking up some more.  I paid $7.50 at CVS before coupons and ECB's.  This week they are BOGO 1/2 off I believe and I have $8 in ECBs dedicated to another 2.  Bronzed Taupe looked really nice as well as the blue.

Have you tried them yet?  What do you think?