Thursday, December 29, 2011

The shoe!

If you missed my twitter excitement the other night, this is the shoe I found for my sister's wedding in June.  THE SHOE!  I had to find a specific color green, kelly, to match a leather planner that I have.  My sister was actually given the same planner last Christmas from her soon to be mother-in-law and I searched and searched and finally found it on ebay earlier this summer and ordered it straight away.

Can I also say how difficult it is to find a kelly green shoe?  Well one that isn't stripper-esque, not that there is anything wrong with that, just wasn't the look I was going for!  Nor did I want 6 inch platforms. 

This beauty is the Nine West Makeascene Pump!  It comes in red with blue trim, straight up black and on they have it in light pink and a taupey brown!

Like I said previously, for my sister's wedding I needed to find a very specific kelly green.  From the above pictures, it seems that it is the perfect match.  The shoes should arrive by the end of the week.  All the bridesmaids are wearing a different color shoe with our black dresses.  So fun!

The last pair I received were a disaster.  I ordered from  The shoes took forever to arrive, like 10 days!  I opened them from the box and what did I see?  Grease and scuff marks on the satin!  I was so bummed.

It wasn't quite the perfect match to the planner but they shoes were just so comfortable!  I loved them...until I saw some scuffs marks and then..ick greasy thumb prints?  What? On both shoes in the heel and also on the toe.

I am aware that I would be the only one who would have known that they existed as they barely showed in the above pictures.  They were definitely very noticeable in real life.  My mom calmy told me to, well calm down about it.  But I was just ever so annoyed that a brand new shoe purchased at full price should not be, well nearly perfect.

I contacted customer service who promptly responded that they would hand-pick another shoe so that I would receive a perfect substitute and give me 10% off for my troubles.  Then I get the dreaded email...  They are out of stock in my size of 8.5 in the "Emerald" color.  Just my luck right?

I had already sent pictures to my sister, she already had a satin bag handmade by an Etsy vendor based off that exact color.  I probably should have just kept them but it was done, they were already sent back and my account was credited for the return and a new search for the perfect shoe ensued.

The Makeascene Pump was what I was looking for in the first place, leather for one, perfect color and something with a design element.  It hit the mark on all 3. 

Now I just hope that they are comfortable!