Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She Space Grab Bag

Recently the She Space has been having a liquidation sale on all the About Face Colors and I purchased a grab bag for I believe $15.  I can never decide what colors to order so a random grab bag works for me! 

10 colors were included in the selection (can you say $1.50 a piece?!) and I can honestly say they are all just so beautiful!  The She Space is now Heatheresque and she has come out with a new line and all new colors.  You really need to check out her website.  Heather is very passionate about life and her talent of creating gorgeous eye colors.

Here are some swatches of the grab bag!  They were swatched on elf primer...

At the top is Vintage advantage.  It is an awsome fool's gold like color.  Love it!
Middle is selling souls, a shimmery moss green.  One of my favorite go to colors.
Bottom is Eye of the Storm.  A dark army-like green. 

So the top two are totally my old high school colors!
Top is Spread the Spirit, a shimmery sunflower yellow.
Middle is Symphony of Chaos, the perfect purple.
Bottom is Go to Shop.  Everyone needs a creamy white in their collection!

Top is Loose Lips a super shimmery NARS Orgasm.
2nd from the top is Risk Practicality a dark copper.
3rd is Wilted Roses, a gorgeous rose color.
Bottom is Crooked Vendetta.  A quite shimmery lilac.

I couldn't have asked for a better selection of colors!  Heather will have to offer grab bags for her current collections.  I will never be able to decide what to order!