Monday, September 6, 2010

Manicure Soin Reparateur

I picked up this bottle of this nail repair from a Yves Rocher sale.  I blogged about my haul previously.  I used this for 2 weeks.  My nails kept breaking even though I was keeping them super short.  I put on two coats of this lovely stuff and kept touching it up during the 2 weeks.  My nails grew super long and they were super strong when I finally scrubbed it off and was ready to file them down.  It is a bit gritty.  The website calls it "botanical fibers."  Felt like little bumps to me but it truly kept my nails strong and allowed them to grow out pretty healthy. 

I was going to paint over them to see if the grit would show through over two coats of polish but just didn't have the time during finals.  I had destroyed my cuticles as well from nervous biting so I didn't want to color my nails and draw further attention to the damage that I caused! 

So if you have an event coming up in a week or two, grab this and slather it on before your big event, you won't be disappointed.  You might, however be a little annoyed at the texture.  Next time I use it, I will put 2 coats of color over it and see if it can be covered.  Stay tuned!