Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Orglamix swatches...finally...

Took long enough but here they are!  Of course my camera, well my camera skills really don't pick up on the true beauty of these mineral eyeshadows.  Cheryl does a fantastic job capturing the true colors at her etsy shop.

The flash washed these out too much so I tried to darken it a little.  Maybe a little too much...

Top:  Sweet Pea
2nd:  Wisteria
3rd:  Moostone
Bottom:  Skyline

Top:  Moss
2nd:  Vert
3rd:  Clover
Bottom:  Green Tea

Top:  Obsidian
2nd:  Sandalwood
Bottom:  Teak

Orglamix offers foundations, finishing powders, primers, brushes, you name it, Cheryl has or is working on creating it.  She's one busy lady but Orglamix is a great company.  She ships fast and always answers any questions that you may have about your order.

Etsy truely has some wonderful and creative shop owners and vendors.  If you haven't already, you need to check it out.