Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a fun cleanser!

So back to my Yves Rocher Haul...  I ordered Pure Calmille 2-in-1 Cleanser + Tonor. 

It was of course on-sale when I bought it.  The product retails for $11.  It comes in a staggering 10.1 fl.oz. bottle.  It's a huge bottle for a cleanser.  When I first used it, I really didn't like it.  The formula is thin, it didn't lather...  It cleaned my face however because I would follow up with a tonor even though there is one built in. I know, total silliness. 

So while in the shower one day, waiting for my hair conditioner to soak in, I read the directions!  I know.  More silliness.  The directions indicated that I was to use a "cotton wool pad" to apply the product to the skin and that it didn't need rinsing.  What?  For some reason that made no sense to me until last night.  Sure enough, when you follow the directions, it is the perfect cleanser.  I ended up using 3 cotton balls.  My make-up just melted off.  It was amazing.  It even did a great job at removing my eyemake-up.  Not so much my mascara but what a great cleanser.  Non-drying, your face feels fresh, clean and super soft.  I did rinse just a little though...  Some habits are hard to break! 

I absolutely love this stuff.