Friday, September 10, 2010

Bioré® Makeup Removing Towelettes

Another make-up remover cleansing cloth review!  I liked this one much better than philosophy.  I liked the light scent, the softness of the towel, the moisture content of the towel and the fact that it didn't sting!  Yay!  I really love that it is made with green tea.  Antioxidants are great for the skin!  I thought I was wearing just a tiny amount of foundation and one coat of mascara and the towelette was dark brown by the time I was through scrubbing.  So I can assure you, it cleanses very thoroughly.

Here's some details from the website

Infused with Green Tea extract, known for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Featuring Vitamin E and botanicals that include Green Coconut Water and Indian Ginseng.

Towelette made from 100% renewable resources like cotton.

Ophthalmologist tested.

No artificial dyes.
30 towels will run you about $7.99 at CVS.  Walmart has a twin pack refill 60 count for 8.47.  Unfortunately it is currently out of stock.  14 cents a towelette!  That's a great deal!  I'm going to drop by the local Walmart and see if they have the twin pack on the shelves.