Friday, July 2, 2010

BAND-AID Friction Block Stick

This stuff is the bomb diggity.  Did I just write that?  It must be the excitement of packing and organizing for camping.  And a half-caf/half-decaf.  Trying to limit that caffeine during pregnancy people! 

Back to the Friction Block Stick!  This stuff is a life saver, well feet saver from blisters.  As soon as you feel a little discomfort from those new flip flops, sandals, or shoes, just rub a little of this on the area and you are protected from further damage to the skin.  It's similar to rubbing deordorant on your feet.  Umm, not that I've done that, I'm just saying!  Same consistancy though, white solid.  It forms a protective barrier that prevents further rubbing.  It works amazingly well.  I was afraid it would be too slippery and I would sliding out of my shoes.  Fortunately, that doesn't happen.

If you already have a formed blister or an open sore, I would suggest skipping the Friction Block, putting a band-aid on and switching shoes though.  It only works on the "hot spots,"  those reddened areas you see and start to feel after a few minutes of walking with new shoes on. 

It can be used as a preventative measure as well.  If you are putting shoes on for the first time this season, apply the friction stick to those areas prone to rubbing.  The heal, pinky toe, I always get a small blister on the bone of my big toe and where ever thin straps of leather will lay on the sides and top of the foot.

I will be breaking in a new pair of flip-flops this weekend and definitely will have this on hand.