Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So hopefully you all are aware of my desperate attempt to finish up an insane amount of product accumulation that is weighing me down, literally... Now that I am half way through the challenge, I feel like I haven't even made a dent in my stockpile!  I've been tempted, but I've resisted new purchases (I did cave and by some boots!) but if I don't get rid of more things, the accumulation will continue. 

I realize now, well I did before, I had a lot of samples hanging around.  I've used up most of them through this challenge.  But now when I look through my drawers I still have 5 cleansers some used, some not, tons of face lotions, etc...  You saw the pictures!  Now I am using one at a time instead of switching off.  But sometimes switching off is best for my skin.  It tends to get "used" to products or the product begins to build up, that is when I make the switch. 

So alas, without further adieu, I have decided, with much resistance to up ante.   The challenge will now be 100 used products!  GASP!  It is sickening, really, I already know...

So here's a challenge to my readers, how many products to you have in your drawers?