Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beyond The Zone Pro Formula Rock On Dry Shampoo

I take back what I said about this dry shampoo not working in the recent past. I didn't review it but I think I may have metioned it in another post. Well I decided to try it again and read the directions first. It says to shake well before you. Duh! So I shook the thing and sure enough, I got a spray of white powder that sopped up my greasy morning hair that I didn’t feel like I had the time to wash. Sure you have to work it in and brush the powder out like any other dry shampoo. If you have a dry shampoo that is not white and powdery and works, by all means let me know!!! Sure enough after working in the product, it took care of my “dirty” hair. It gave me some nice volume too. I picked it up on my last Sally Beauty Haul for $6.99, well maybe $6.50 since I have a Sally Beauty card.