Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pantene Color Preserve Volume Pro-Couleur Shampoo and Conditioner

One thing about Pantene, it is consistent. If you are in the shampoo aisle, wanting to try something new but don’t want to waste money on something crappy, reach for Pantene. You can’t go wrong. It has that iconic smell. In fact when I tried this formula I immediately started daydreaming about Ireland. Then I realized that 8 or so years ago, all I ever used was Pantene and the power of scent and memory came into play while I was scrubbing up.

One thing I do not like about Pantene is that it does leave a build-up on your hair. It can weigh down the hair considerably if you have fine hair.  If you don’t believe me, next time you get out of the shower, take a sharp pair of scissors and drag them across a few strands of hair. Not to cut through them but to scrape the follicles. You will find a waxy substance on the scissors. No joke. Sure this “protective coating” is good for UV rays, heats, product stress, but it certainly can weigh down the hair.

So with Pantene and many other shampoos, I’m sure this is not unique to just Pantene, it’s good to use an anti-residue shampoo to get rid of the build-up. Neutrogena has a great one that I use maybe for a couple of days every few weeks when I think of it just to remove any product and/or shampoo build up. Your hair will thank you for it.

So back to the Color Preserve formula. Great smell, great lather. I let my hair air-dry and it was smooth. Usually I have to curl the ends under. But that is what is great about Pantene. After not using for a while, when you start back up again, your hair looks amazing. It’s the build-up that causes it to fail down the road. But that is easily remedied with an anti-residue shampoo. I have noticed that the sun and pool has caused my hair to turn a bit brassy so I was hoping the color preserve could reverse that a little but I believe it best used to maintain color.

If you ever want to try a sample of Pantene go here: