Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's been an e.l.f. kind of week...

I consistently used all of these elf products this week…

elf Studio Primer:  Love, love, love in this humidity.

elf Tinted Moisturizer in Apricot:  My perfect shade provided that I use sparingly.

elf All Over Cover Stick:  Great for under the eyes and covering up broken capillaries around the nose.

elf Golden Bronzer:  This is a great bronzer for us cool shaded girls. Definitely a must for the lighter skin tones in the summer. I did all the damage I wanted to do to my skin by laying out and trying to tan. Now I can achieve it sensibly with products. This bronzer is not the obnoxious, “I just put a streak of bronzer on to darken up my cheekbones to fake a tan or give me color.” It’s a subtle kiss of the sun look, which of course I could never achieve naturally, I just turn various shades of red upon exposure to the sun. Pink for 10 minutes, red for 20 minutes, scarlet for 30 minutes.

elf High Definition Powder:  This stuff is solid. Well it's a powder really but works solidly.  lol  Lines are virtually eliminated. I don’t have deep set lines but I’m sure it would work very effectively at softening them. My fine lines virtually disappear. It was such a shock. I figured at best it would be another great oil absorber. Another A+++ product from elf! It comes in a tub with a screw top. You have to be very careful not to shake. There is a puff inside the tub which is great from holding in the product. Without the puff, the powder would be everywhere. I would not recommend the puff for applying. I brush is a definite must here.

For eyes I used either an AVON palette or NYX Carribean palette. I used the darker shadows as liners. For lashes, Covergirl Lash Blast which I have been so loving lately!!!  I do have the elf Mineral Mascara which is a great mascara as well.  But the orange tube must have grabbed my attention and I reached for it first!