Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Derma Pro


Last week I tried a couple products from Derma Pro.  Samples of course...  I am a sample queen people!  If I can get it for cheap or free, I'm all about it.  Until I find those staple products that I cannot live without, then I shell out top dollar if it's worth it!  Derma Pro Skin Care is a bit pricey, but they seem to be quality products.  Quickly glancing over their site, I would love to try the Pineapple Scrub and the Raspberry tonor.

So I tried the Green Clay Mask, Gentle Cleanser and Gel Tox:

Derma Pro Skincare Ion Mask Detoxifying, Healing Natural Green Clay

Safe for all skin types. The ingredients include sea mud, seaweed extract, Vitamin E, rosemary, sage, grape seed, green tea, ginger and bamboo extract. It says to follow up with the Raspberry tonor which I don’t have and wish I did! It sounds refreshing. The mask had fine exfoliating granules in it. Which I like. I like to gently exfoliate before hand to make sure the clay is doing its job; soaking up the oil and dirt in my pores! You could see this mask working. It had no harsh chemical or perfume smell, which was nice as well. My face felt soft and smooth after rinsing the product off and I had no irritation or redness at all. Great product.

Derma Pro Skincare Ultimate Cleanser Soothing Creamy Gel Cleanser

This is a nice wash. The package says it is safe for all skin types. Plus it’s sulfate free! You get a nice lather and it feels great scrubbing it in. I had no redness after washing with this product. However, it wasn’t very effective at removing eye makeup. I use an eye makeup remover anyway but it didn’t remove the residual makeup that remained. However, this wasn’t really bothersome to me. After washing I usually take a moistened q-tip and wipe under my eyes with most facial cleansers anyway. I would rather the cleanser be gentle. This cleanser has sage, chamomile, rosemary and birch leaves extract. Sounds so natural! Derma Pro is an Earth Friendly and Cruelty Free Company so I would expect nothing less.

I’m currently trying the Gel Tox. Which is a “wrinkle relaxer.” It says I should see results in 2-3 weeks. I’ve been applying to the fine lines around my eyes and a few fine lines on my forehead. So I will keep you updated!