Monday, July 26, 2010

New Teeth Whitening System

I've been hanging on to these for a couple of months.  Surprise, surprise!  But I needed to finish my Rembrandt first.  I didn't think Rembrandt was working, until I realized I just wasn't using it consistantly.  I would use it every other day, then forget and use it once a week, or two days in a row.  Until recently I decided to brush my teeth with my regular toothpaste, followed by Rembrandt. 

Used alone, I didn't get the fresh and clean whole mouth feeling with Rembrandt.  However, using it after my regular toothpaste, I saw results in two days.  Seems like a lot of brushing huh?  Well I have an electric toothbrush, which I think is set on a two minute timer.  So I just brush my teeth for a minute with my regular toothpaste and then a minute with Rebrandt. 

My teeth are not super white, I drink tea and decaf coffee pretty regularly, hence some staining.  I'm not looking for gleaming bright white teeth, but I definitely want some results.  So I'll use it up and see what happens!