Sunday, July 25, 2010

L'OREAL go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

 I love this cream cleanser.  It is amazing!  You get that tingly, "I'm really getting a good cleanse" feeling but not the "Ouch, I'm burning" over do it feeling.  I love the scrub brush that comes with it as well.  I mostly use a good 'ole fashioned face cloth to gently scrub my face but this scrubber seems to do the job more effectively and gently.  The formula is not over-drying which I do find with the "deep cleansing" variety.  Overall, this stuff is fantastic.  It's only drawback is the salicylic acid for me because I am pregnant and I need to watch my exposure to it.  I'm glad I read through the ingredient list.  Strangely, I tend to focus on all the good things that organic products contain and really read through the ingredient list.  Other products, I assume they contain "bad" materials, most I cannot pronouce, so I skip over them.  And most products have the same ingredients.  Compare a $5 cleanser to a $30 cleanser, you'll see similar ingredients, the $30 might have some "special" extracts.   I digress yet again...

So you can pick up this product at any of your favorite drug stores for about $5.  Don't forget a coupon!