Saturday, July 10, 2010

IS Clinical Eye Youth Complex

Let me start off by saying, this stuff is the bomb! I sent away for a sample and this stuff has last more than a week so far. You only need a “pea” size amount. It does all it says it advertised as saying. I don’t have crazy bags under my eyes and wrinkles so I haven’t seen dramatic results but in terms of taking care of morning puffiness and hydration it gets an A+ in my gradebook.

Oh and circles. I tend to get some light purple smudges from late night nursing school study sessions and they are gone. I’m not sure if I have been getting any extra sleep lately so I’m pretty sure it’s the eye youth complex doing its thing. Also it readily absorbs and dries fast so you can immediately put on make-up. That’s a plus for me because I am super busy and do not have time to wait for an eye cream to dry so I can apply make-up. Check out the website for more information.

You cannot order from the website but through authorized dealer websites. So I will definitely be checking into ordering as soon as my Challenge is over. I have a few more products to go. But it looks like the sample should last another week.   You can order it from Essential Day Spa on-line or if you have one near by you could drop in to see if they are having a sale or a promotion. 

$56 for 10mL but if the sample size last 2 weeks, this full size probably lasts a year.  No joke.  You don't need to lather up on creams and lotions unless you are super dry.  Even then a gentle, and especially around the eyes, a super gentle swipe of a facecloth to exfoliate the dry skin is your first step.  Then applying the eye cream gently to the eye area is your next step.  You need to remove the dead, flakey skin first so your moisturizer will be more effective.  You don't exfoliate around your eyes everyday, it is just too sensitive of an area.  Only on a need basis, maybe once a week.  So after reading the description, the IS Clinical Eye Youth Complex takes care of the exfoliation for you.

Here's the description from the Essential Day Spa Website:


YOUTH COMPLEX by iS CLINICAL is the first cosmeceutical anti-wrinkle formulation to offer immediate, intermediate and long-term improvements in aging skin. This breakthrough anti-wrinkle formula is a unique blend of potent antioxidants, innovative natural hydrators and our exclusive . Scientifically created by the leading pharmacologists, physicians and experts at INNOVATIVE SKINCARE, the new biotechnology addresses targeted aging phenomena with clinical precision.

YOUTH COMPLEX is designed to provide rapid initial hydration for plumping fine lines and wrinkles, promote controlled exfoliation and stimulate the production of key support structures such as collagen and elastin.

IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS: 97% of those tested noticed a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in their overall skin (wrinkle reduction, texture, and hydration level) in ONE HOUR*.

INTERMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS (within 5 days): Mild exfoliation without peeling leaves surface smooth and hydrated. Further wrinkle reduction noted. Superior antioxidant protection protects against extrinsic and intrinsic free radical damage.

LONG-TERM IMPROVEMENTS: Rebuilding of skin's support structures such as collagen and elastin, improved cellular metabolism and DNA repair facilitate younger looking, healthier skin.