Saturday, July 10, 2010

Urban Decay lingerie & galoshes for lashes

I’m not sure why I thought this product was a good thing to spend money on. I purchased it through a Haute Look sale and this product did not work for me at all. The concept at the time of purchase seemed perfect. I have a bunch of mascaras that are not waterproof. My lashes are long and when I blink after applying mascara and throughout the day, I tend to get grey/black residue under my bottom lid. I need to get a waterproof formula. So I grabbed this. One side is a primer. It is typical white stuff with some fibers in it to make your lashes extra long. Then there is the waterproof side, an opaque gel-like consistency. Again, good concept, bad execution. All primers have annoyed me. I seem to never be able to cover the white stuff fully with mascara. Then the waterproof gel is goopy and leaves clumps on the lashes. No big deal, I can take off the excess with a q-tip. Well the stuff just weighs down my lashes. It does waterproof however. I did not see any grey shadows under my bottom lid but since my lashes are super straight, I don’t like a heavy product to weigh them down. 

Good thing I didn't pay full price!  Well I probably wouldn't have.  That's the problem with me and sales!