Thursday, July 1, 2010

Secret Clinical Strength

Now normally I do not get excited about deodorants.  I barely think about them.  Neither did I think "clinical strength" applied to me.  It doesn't really.  I usually use a natural deodorant, one that does not contain the scary aluminum zirconium, which is a concern for many as some studies suggest that it's continued use may cause breast cancer in some susceptible women.  So it can be scary choosing products now with all the knowledge we have about potential dangers.  However, the natural deodorants just aren't cutting it for me this summer.  Damp and slightly odorous pits are not pleasent for me and probably for others around me!  I don't normally have copious amount of perspiration. But it is summer and I am pregnant, so the rules change slightly.

I grew up on Secret.  It was the brand my mother used and the brand she bought me during those early years of puberty.  A few years ago I started buying whatever was on sale at the time, Dove, Degree, etc.  Well after trying the Secret Clinical Strength on a whim, I'm hooked.  At least for the summer.  I wear a lot of black and I haven't noticed white streaks on any of my shirts, so that's a bonus too.  All-in-all, it's working out pretty good for me!