Thursday, July 1, 2010

eb5 Facial Cream

I sent away for a sample of eb5 facial cream a while back and I've been trying it out for the past few days.  One thing, it's thick.  I just need a tiny amount.  The sample will take me another week to go through it.  If I had an entire jar, it would take me a year to finish it. Too thick for the summer but it will be perfect for the blistery cold winter months.  I tried both the facial cream and eye cream.  The eye cream is good for me at night.  I prefer a thick, heavy cream for night as I feel it really moisturizes the delicate eye area.  I cannot however use this cream during the day under make-up.  It would be like a slip and slide around my eye.

The facial cream is advertised as having 5 creams in one:
wrinkle cream
throat cream
firming cream
24-hr moisturizer
make-up base

That's another thing.  Most of us forget about our neck and chest area.  That skin ages too!   I lightly moisturize my neck and chest area twice daily and include those areas in my facial routine.  I have to be careful with my neck as it is very sensitive to lotions.  I have not had a problem with eb5, so based on the "no neck reaction" I'm cinfident it's a quality product. 

The directions say to use a "dot" and they are not kidding.  So for around $20 a jar, a little goes a long way.  And that's what I like in a product.  For years I thought since I had oily skin, I needed an oil-free moisturizer.  I would load up on the stuff because one, it was oil free and two, I needed more moisture!  I found that over the course of the day my skin would still be shiny and oily and then I would clean and strip my face of more oil and then load up again on more oil-free moisturizer.  Live and learn.  I have found that my skin does much better with small amounts of "full-fat" cream and lotions rather than the oil-free varieties.  Moderation is the key.  The adage, "Less is more" applies here.

I know that this cream is very popular and I am all about moisture, but I just tried it at the wrong time of the year.  eb5 will be great for me in the winter months!