Friday, July 2, 2010

Why the need for Project 75 Pan Challenge

So I will admit, it's going slow, too slow for that matter.  Yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours organizing, consolidating and sorting through things.  I certainly don't have a huge makeup collection by most bloggers' standards I'm sure, but in terms of skincare, it's a little obnoxious.  I took pictures, so you be the judge!  But I'm happy that everything is in one place and I only took up one shelf and one drawer in the bathroom armoire.  You see I do have 2 kids, a husband and a baby on the way.  It's not all about me!  I swear!

Eyeliners:  What is silly about all the eyeliners, is that I just don't use them.  I prefer to use a swipe of a wet eyeshadow.  I do like the Christian Siriano Kohl liners for my waterline.  I picked up a couple from a Victoria Secret sale.  I do like the AVON big pencils as eyeshadows.  They have aa nice creamy consistancy.  Definitely need to be used with primer.  The Urban Decay pencils were picked up during a Haute Look sale and they came super dry and brittle.  They may end up in the garbage unfortunately.  Very disappointing.

Loose eyeshadows:  Mostly Orglamix.  Love the line.  Very shimmery, beautiful eyeshadows.  Not too obnoxious but someday I would love to have a collection of MAC all neatly placed in pans in palletes according to color.  Someday I will learn to put my eyeshadows in pans.  Loose eyeshadows are very dangerous for me.  I spill, drop, the kids get into them.  It's usually a huge mess!  If you have any tips, do share!

Blushers:  I use them all, depending on the time of day, look etc. of course.  Sometimes I want shimmer, sometimes not depending on my mood!

Pallettes:  I never use the glitter NYX pallettes, not sure why I bought them!  The glitter pieces are huge, not at all flattering.  I use the mark palette, top left almost everyday.  Mostly because it has been in my make-up case but now that I have everything organized in drawers, I should be able to utilize more of my collection. I've swatched out the NYX for blue eyes, kind of middle right, but I don't prefer to use dark browns or blues at all on my blue eyes.  I love the look of browns on models with blue eyes but when I attempt the look at home, forget it!  Cool colors seem to work a lot better with my skin tone.

Foundation:  So you can see some Bare Minerals which have worked for about 6 years but now I am bored with.  I'm still receiving shipments every 6 months which I need to stop because I have plenty!  I've also dabbled in some Mary Kay Cream to Powder foundation in Ivory 2, Revlon Colorstay in Buff, L'Oreal True Match in C3 (too dark), elf all over cover stick in Apricot Beige and elf tinted moisturizer in Apricot Beige which looks dark but dries lighter.  So I definitely want to put a dent in this because I have my eyes on Estee Lauder Double Wear light.

Lippies:  I don't have a huge collection of lippies.  I prefer lip gloss.  I only wear lipstick for major outings like date night, yes that's major for me or a Marine Corps Ball.  The Victoria Secret lipglosses are way too sticky for me.  I picked up them up during a semi-annual sale of course!

Mascara:  Mascara is something I use daily so these do go pretty quick.  As soon as they start to dry and clump, that's it, they are gone!  I have yet to try the elf.  The AVON extend and lengths are almost out.  So I'm not doing too bad.  However, I really like the Covergirl lash blast and will probably use that until it's gone before I move on to the others.  I just finished my other AVON superSHOCK.

The Tools:  This is nothing!  I know.  I really want a Sigma collection or if I hit the lottery, MAC brushes.  I just see how wonderful the results are with those brands!  But the brushes I have do the trick.  I've had the Bare Essential brushes for 6 years now.  I wash them weekly with the Bare Essentials brush cleanser.  They've held up amazingly well over the years.  I just recently picked up the elf brushes.  They do the trick as well.  No shedding, holding up quite nicely as well and at a $1 a piece I might add.  I was going to try the elf Studio line but since I want higher end, I'll put the $3 per brush savings towards Sigma or MAC.

Face Lotions:  Now on to skincare.  Way too much!  Only the Dermalogica is almost empty.  I just got the Sejaa which I love about a month ago, Botanic Spa just came in a couple of weeks ago.  I've been working on the AVON Reversalist for the past few months.  They all work great, and I love the results.  Just during the pregnancy I want to limit the chemicals as much as possible so I've been trying out the organic lines.

Eye Creams:  Way too many of course!  But I will do what it takes to keep those fine lines from forming.  And it is working!  But there are so many more products I want to try.  I will always go with the Lumene freeze stick.  It works instantly on puffy eyes.

Face Masks/Muds:  Not too bad.  I use masks 2-3 times a week when I remember.  I certainly do not need two different mud masks but I wanted to compare a $3 brand to a $60 one!

Face Wash:  This is a little crazy.  3 are exfoliants, Origins, St. Ives Green Tea, Dermalogica.  The Olay and L'Oreal, though I love them both, contain salicylic acid which is a no-no during pregnancy.  In small amounts, it should be harmless by why take the chance right?  Hence the reasoning behind the Origins cleansing oil which works exceedingly well.  The cold cream is used for the removal of my eye makeup.  Which I still need to try out!  Not pictured is the Neutrogena face bar which I used in the shower.

Nail Polish:  Ahh, nail polish.  Honestly, I do not like color on my nails.  Neutral or pale shades or clear works best for me.  Unless I get a manicure.  Colors are best left to the professionals than my unsteady left  hand!  I do like dark and vibrant colors on my toes.  This collection is in need of a major overhaul.  I had to shake most of them as they are separating.  Some are a few years old.  The NYX are probably the most recent, a few months old.

Hair Products:  I barely use the mark mega volume stuff.  It goes on too heavy and dampens the hair too much.  I prefer the light spray of the Pantene.  The Beyond Zone dry shampoo sucks.  I've had much better results with Batiste dry shampoo.  But with Batiste's formula, I am left with a powdery mess and the smell is choking if used in a small confined space, like the bathroom!  But after brushing for a little while the powdery mess dissipates and the oil is gone!  I've only used the Beyond Zone two times.  Maybe I didn't use enough.  I haven't used the Aveda Smoothing Serum since I started using Hair One.  I just don't need it.  Hair One
conditions perfectly with no flyaways!


Lotions:  I've had the Lubriderm since the winter. I used it on my arms and chest everyday because it has the SPF in it.  For extended time in the sun, I definitely reach for sunblock.  The Skin So Soft fusions is a very thick lotion, best used for winter.  I do put it on my legs after shaving.  I've noticed that it rubs off after drying.  Kind of annoying.  I might just save this for the winter.  The Skin So Soft self tanner works great.  I haven't used it this summer because of the pregnancy.  It's a left over from last summer.  I love Mary Kay Satin hand collection!  I use this once a month or so when my hands are particularly dry or after gardening.  I could use it more often, but I just never think of it.  I use it more frequently in the winter.  It lasts and lasts.  This is my second set in the past 3 years.

Le Collection:  So there it is, the entire collection all organized and consolidated.  I do have everything else in a drawer underneath.  Now that everything is centrally located, it will be easier to get through this challenge, I hope!  Still no pruchases.  I am very proud of myself despite all the sales that are taunting me in my inbox!