Saturday, July 24, 2010


Not quite the formulation of Revlon Double Twist of it's delivery system, but the fact that I have had this in package, in the bottom of my bathroom armoire undetected, probably for a couple of months, is incredible.  I have no recollection of purchasing this mascara so it has remained hidden for a long time.  I probably tucked it away so I would finish up my other mascaras.  But an exciting discovery nonetheless!  I'm going to look through some other drawers...

All-in-all, it makes the lashes pretty long and thick with just one coat, but at an expense...  It's a bit clumpy.  It maybe due to the double twisting of the wand.  Good idea, but too much color ends up on the wand.  I unfortunately am in need of a lash separator so this could potentially be an easy fix.  But alas, I wouldn't know because I am lacking such an essential tool! 

I still love the Covergirl Lashblast.